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Speckled Jay is an awesome little agency based in Boulder, Colorado.  Through brand development, digital marketing, and application development, we help organizations of all sizes compete…and win. Our artfully-created physical and digital marketing experiences do more than delight our clients—they engage their target audiences. Speckled Jay’s powerful and creative websites, campaigns and digital experiences help connect customers, build bonds, and boost bottom lines.

Information + Design + Presentation

What is Information?

Well, everything. Any bit of data, content, messaging, and branding is Information.
Everything you want to communicate is Information. Information is a status update, a sales offer, or a product description. It can also be a t-shirt, a vehicle wrapper, or a whitepaper. Information is absolutely everything that is shared with your market, customer, or audience.

What is Design?

Well, everything! All of the information we have is great…until it becomes too much. Today, we almost immediately hit this limit.

Thus, the challenge with handling all that information is designing how it works together. Great design helps the user sift through information – content and ideas — so that it becomes consumable. Too much information overwhelms, too little…and you lose business. Meeting this challenge is why we love designing information – to make it effectively, efficiently, and intelligently consumable to your audience.

What is Presentation?

It is the thread that holds everything together. Fundamentally, how one presents their information is most important. All of your hard work and business development is brought to this point—the way you show yourself to the world. This is the office paint color, the suit you wear, the shoes on your feet, the car you drive, etc.

Presentation is your digital statement….from branding to emails to landing pages, from sales presentations to websites to social media. Let’s take everything you have. Let’s artfully weave all of your information into the most appropriate form factor and then release it — a visual story that compels your audience to action.












Our Approach

Speckled Jay loves to collaborate….and we hate silos. We work with you through the course of a project rather than just going off into the corner to meet a deadline. Your input on our take of your content is what makes for a successful set of deliverables to you. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, it isn’t. The more we communicate, the better your results. Throughout the process Speckled Jay focuses on consistency, brand, and—of course—your audience.

Branding is the heart of your visual story.

Especially key to expressing brand is a strong understanding of missions, beliefs, and values—all of which are communicated via a Voice. So, it is Voice, really, that is the essential component to the brand. After all, voice directly influences all other touchpoints—from product delivery to color choice, from sales to marketing, from the web site to the digital marketing mix. Most importantly, Voice is what the user experiences. Therefore, elements of design, such as icons and typefaces, are all just expressions of brand voice.
Corporate ID packages

Good presentations tell a story, but the best ones change us.

Building a convincing presentation begins with data—which alone can be boring and lifeless. Next, add the argument or the storyline to start to bring data to life. Then use voice to sprinkle brand interest. Finally, include the effective use of tone to add emotion. Great data presentation and visualization design weaves together data, the storyline, voice, and tone into a stunning visual story that is easily understood. While drawing emotional impact, great data visualization displays fact to persuade. As a result, great data visualization changes opinions and ultimately influence our actions.
Data Visualization

The digital experience is more than just a web site.

This experience is how a user interacts with web content to reach a goal. Let’s say we want to research new computers. In the old days, we simply looked at a web site on a computer. Now, we also watch videos, research social media, or use a decision-making web app. We may be using a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, or even a TV. Hence, a great digital experience is when a user easily connects with fabulous content they way they want. To be a truly great digital experience, the content and story must connect with the user, so the user feels connected to the brand.
Digital Experience












Services and Roles

Flexible, Fast Creative Marketing Solutions

Your PowerPoint skills don’t quite measure up for your big, executive presentation? Your home-made social media or ad banners lack impact? You need an infographic, but your online tool falls short?

Let us craft your content it into a beautiful and engaging story. Whether it’s a single piece or a long project, you have a one-time need or a long-term vendor relationship, you’re around the corner or across the globe, Speckled Jay is your creative marketing partner to help you win.

Design for Standout Brands

From start-up to corporate refresh, Speckled Jay design and digital marketing services bring any business to the next level. Speckled Jay designs logos, builds identities, and helps establish or strengthen brand. Our focus—maintaining consistency across your all communication and presence—is to make your brand shine.

Collaborative Marketing Agency Support

Does your agency need an extra set of hands to meet client deadlines? Does your content marketing agency need a high performance creative partner for a turnkey client solution?

At Speckled Jay, we value our agency partners. We are flexible to work your way. Whether it’s hourly, project-based or fixed fee, let’s work together to make your clients successful.

Sample work is difficult!

Our work is an expression of our client needs and without the full story behind the project these samples can become meaningless to a potential client. Contact us so we can talk over your needs, then we’ll be able to get you samples that appropriately reflect the services we can provide for you.



Our awesomely-inspired information design innovators harness technology and design to weave your digital story. We’re artful technologists who transform concepts and ideas into vivid digital experiences that wildly attract and engage customers.

Information Design and Presentation

Artful Technologists Weaving Visual Stories

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Our Story

Founded in 1996, Speckled Jay has been involved in design and communication from the early days of the internet to the media rich and dynamic arena it is now; from static print to interactive document creation. Over the past 20 years Speckled Jay has designed and managed brands for hundreds of small businesses, designed marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 corporations, and has filled roles from production support to Creative Director. Speckled Jay brings a sophisticated and refined skill-set focused on usability, concise communication, and overall consistency.

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